About Our


Vision Statement:

To bring people to Jesus (Evangelism), and develop them to Christ-like maturity (Discipleship), equip them for the Ministry of the Church and life missions in the Community (Ministry), in order to glorify God’s name (Worship);


Through teaching the Word of God, Workshops, Bible Study and Seminars, which are implemented through various Ministries within the Church such as Women, Men and Youth Ministries; to accomplish the purpose of our Vision.

The 5 Core Purposes:

Evangelism-- proclaiming glad tidings (the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ)
Discipleship--teaching others how to follow Christ, and manifest that they are disciples, by abiding in the Word, thereby,                                  enabling them to teach others
Ministry--relief; the work of the gospel; meeting needs with service
Worship--reverence; how I serve God with my life; my personal relationship with God

Short Range Goals: 

Multiple City-Wide Outreach opportunities

Long Range Goals: 

Unlimited expansion of our Vision to meet the needs of others

Elder Pamela R. Smith